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Automation with Auto Actions

Auto action is a function that automatically executes actions at specified time intervals. Each workspace can register one automation bot (Beebot) as a virtual user, which will perform actions on behalf of the user.

Register automation bot

Automated bots are configured in the group settings tab of workspace settings.

  1. Click on the workspace settings > Group settings tab
  2. Click the "add automation bot" button below the member list
  3. Enter any bot name and click the "add automation bot" button

Next, the automation settings will open, and you can configure the actions you want to automate.

The registered automation bot will be displayed in the member list.

In the automation settings, set the actions you want to automate

In advance, register the data operation menu (action) that you want to execute automatically.

  1. Click the "automation BOT settings" button on the automation bot displayed in the member list.

  2. In the Automation settings, enter the following:

    • Automation name
    • Schedule
      • Execution interval (every few hours, every few minutes, specified time, specified day of the week, specified date)
      • Execution time
    • Select DB: Project, Document Type, Database
    • Target to automate (search items)
    • Automate Actions
    • Comments at runtime
    • Enable/disable automation
  3. Click the “save” button

  4. Click the cancel button to close the automation settings

The settings are specified in order from the top.

Add automation settings

You can add multiple automation settings to your automation bot.

Click the "+add" button to add an automation setting

Select automation settings

If you have multiple automation settings, you can select the automation settings on the left.

Enable or disable automation settings

In automation settings, select enable or disable automation.

Delete automation settings

In the automation settings, click the "delete automation settings" > "delete" button.

Rename the automation bot

In the automation settings, click the pencil button in the upper right.

Delete automation bot

In the member list, click the "delete" button for the automation bot you want to delete.