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Hexabase development tour

In this document, we will go through the development process with Hexabase, trying out the various tools and sample code provided by Hexabase.

What is Hexabase?

Hexabase is an enterprise BaaS (Backend as a Service) that can be used to develop enterprise systems and business services. High-quality back-end functions that can be utilized for web application development are provided as a cloud service. With Hexabase, you can focus on front-end development, the key to usability, while reducing development time and costs.

Video: Overview of development tools

Tour instructions

step_1 Step1:Try the demo app

Try out the demo app, which you can try without signing up.

step_2 Step2:Add database

Let's add a sample database to the pre-prepared application.

step_3 Step3:Try using the admin panel

Let's try basic database operations on the admin panel.

step_4 Step4:Register with the CLI tool

Register a ToDo sample using Hexabase's CLI tool.

step_5 Step5:Access the backend with API

Let's access the Hexabase backend using the API.

step_6 Step6:Run the frontend sample

Let's download the front end sample source code and run it.

Hexabase development support resources

Hexabase enables efficient development with multiple tools and sample code, including:

Tool role diagram