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Are there any workflow design tools?

A. The order of statuses can be set by dragging and dropping on the status edit screen. Also, you need to set up actions to transition statuses separately.

How do I add a workflow status?

A. After adding a status on the Edit Status page of the administration panel, add an action to transition to it.

Can I branch my workflow?

A. Yes, it is possible. There are two methods for this.

One way is to prepare multiple actions for any status and change the status transition destination.

The other method is to use "action usage restriction rules". By using this function, you can branch the flow according to conditions, such as switching the actions that can be displayed and executed depending on the value of the field.

Does it have a report function?

A. Hexabase does not have a form function as standard, but it is possible to output CSV as a data report.

Form-service interaction is also available as an option. Currently, we recommend using Docurain, which allows you to output PDF or Excel using the designed form. In this case, a separate fee will be charged for Docurain.