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Operation, Logs, and Data Migration

How do I import or export data?

A. There are three methods to import and export data.

The first method is to import or export the database in the admin panel

The second method is to use the API to obtain and update all data. To obtain data, use GetReportData API. To update data, use ImportItems API.

The third method is to back up the entire application (project) using a CLI tool. You can back up your project with the following command:

$> hx projects:backup

Execute the following command to restore the backed up application (Project):

$> hx projects:restore

Can I view the operation log?

A. Hexabase records all work on an item as a "history." You can check the history on the "History" tab on the item details screen.

Can I get the operation log?

A. The operation history for items can be obtained from GetItemHistories API .

Also, GlobalSearch API makes history information a target of full-text search.

Can I restrict IP accessing IP addresses?

A. IP restriction are possible depending on the plan. For more information, please see plans and prices.

When a user accesses the admin panel, is it possible to restrict them from changing application settings but only allow data maintenance?

A. If you remove the admin role from the application, settings buttons, etc. will be hidden, and you will not be able to change settings.

You can still perform actions such as updating items.

Can I restrict certain users from accessing the administration panel?

A. Yes, it is possible.

If you turn on "Disable HexabaseUI access" in "Workspace Settings > Group Settings" in the administration screen, users belonging to the specified group will not be able to access the administration panel.

However, the top-level workspace group cannot have "Disable HexabaseUI access" turned on.

Can I develop my own admin panel?

A. Yes, within the scope of the API provided.

How does Hexabase perform tuning for server load?

A. Tuning is performed by Hexabase. Users and developers do not need to tune for server load.