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Access Control

If a user is granted multiple roles, is there any priority to apply?

A. No. If a user has been granted multiple roles, the privileges of all roles will be available.

If I apply multiple actions to an item, will my previous view access keys be overwritten?

A. If you apply multiple actions, your previous viewing access keys remain intact.

Is there a way to set or change viewing access keys individually without using actions?

A. In addition to settings from the action menu, you can specify and change settings from the API.

The following API allows you to control "replace" or "add" by specifying the access_key_updates option.

Please note that the viewing access key can only be specified or changed from the API for data to which the logged-in user has permissions for the role or group to be granted. For example, if you use the API to log in as a user who does not have the admin role, you will not be able to grant the admin role to the item.