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Frontend Implementation

Can I reference a Hexabase database from an external service such as AWS Lambda?

A. It can be referenced by calling the Hexabase API from an external service.

How do I deploy a front-end application?

A. There are two ways to do this.

The first method is to use a front deployment service such as Vercel.

The second method is to use a frontend deployment environment dedicated to Hexabase. For more information, please see app deployment instructions.

Is it possible to realize BFF (Backends For Frontends) to work with external APIs close to the front end?

A. This can be achieved by creating your own BFF (Backends For Frontends).

If Next.js or Nuxt.js is used, it can be implemented in the node.js process on the server side of the front-end framework.

Please tell me how to use BFF with Hexabase.

A. In some applications, there are cases where the front WebApp web server routes URLs to external services (such as FaaS), and the routing is done using the proxy settings of the HTTP server.

Suddenly, I can no longer call backend functions from the frontend.

A. There are several possible causes.

  1. It was specified using the default internal ID: When the application is deployed, the ID changes and the API path also changes.
  2. When calling an application or database from the front end, if you specify it by name, when the locale changes, the name will also change, and you will not be able to access it.

For backend functions such as applications and databases, please specify the ID clearly.